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Hands-On Data Visualization, an open-access book on interactive visualization for beginners

Hands-On Data Visualization, by Jack Dougherty and Ilya Ilyankou, is an open-access book geared for beginners. The book starts with spreadsheets, and then walks you through some of the more high-level JavaScript libraries to put things online relatively quickly. If you don’t have programming experience but want to kick the tires, it’s probably worth saving this for later. You can also grab a physical copy. Tags: book, interaction

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How Humans Judge Machines

How Humans Judge Machines is an academic publication covering the results of experiments on how humans judge machines. The digital version is free, or you can purchase a print version. How Humans Judge Machines compares the reactions of people in the United States to scenarios describing human and machine actions. Our data shows that people do not judge humans and machines equally, and that these differences can be explained as...

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