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Empty Ukrainian airspace

As you would imagine, Ukrainian airspace looks empty right now. Reuters mapped flights before the Russian invasion, the day of, and after the European Union airspace ban. The above shows private, commercial, and cargo flights. In separate maps, Reuters also reported unidentified flights, along with detours, cancelations, and the general disruption of international airspace. Tags: flights, invasion, Reuters, Russia, Ukraine

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Why Russia is invading Ukraine, a visual guide

RealLifeLore explains the history between the two countries and the multi-faceted motivations behind the invasion. As you might expect, the reasons are complex and full of unknowns. Tags: invasion, RealLifeLore, Russia, Ukraine

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Many Ukraine maps

There are many maps trying to show what is happening in Ukraine right now. Lisa Charlotte Muth is keeping a running thread. Tags: invasion, Lisa Charlotte Muth, Russia, Ukraine

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