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Sonification of Covid-19 rates

You’ve seen the line charts showing case rates over time. The focus is on trends and whether things are getting better or worse. This piece by Jan Willem Tulp focuses on the current rates with tickers and a sonification of new cases. Ding, ding, ding. There’s a new ding for each new case as you look at the page, based on a weekly average for each country tracked by Our...

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Distorting geography to show train travels

Jan Willem Tulp visualized train travel times using distance and color as an indicator. His reasoning: When a train starts running from one station to the next station, conceptually, these two stations will temporarily be closer to each other. And that is exactly what this visualization shows: whenever a train moves to the next station — and only for as long as a train is moving — the origin station...

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Explore the stars with this interactive Star Mapper

Jan Willem Tulp, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, produced the ESA Star Mapper. It shows nearly 60,000 stars in a combination of different scales and projections. Be sure to switch to “explore” mode and click on the play button to see a prediction for how the stars will move over many years. [Thanks, Jan] Tags: Jan Willem Tulp, space

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All known planets outside our solar system

Jan Willem Tulp, in collaboration with Visualized, shows all known exoplanets (currently 1,942 of them) and then filters down to the ones that are habitable. Astrobiology uses the Goldilocks principle in the argument that a planet must neither be too far away from, nor too close to a star to support life; either extreme would result in a planet incapable of supporting life. Such a planet is colloquially called a...

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