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Oldest, Youngest, and Middle Children, in Differently Sized U.S. Households

When talking to someone new, the conversation often leads to your family when you were growing up. Do you have siblings? Older than you? Younger? I thought I’d try answering the questions for everyone in the United States. The chart below shows the distribution of kids younger than 18 by birth order and number of kids in the household. Read More

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Data visualization activities for kids

Nightingale has a kid’s section with printable visualization activities. Get the kids started early while they absorb information like a sponge. Tags: kids, Nightingale

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Wanna know somefing?

From Reddit user wequiock_falls, “What I’m about to learn about after my kid says, ‘Wanna know somefing?’ Data collected over the course of 7 days.” Sounds about right. Tags: humor, kids, Reddit

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Teaching kids data visualization

Jonathan Schwabish gave his fourth-grade son’s class a lesson on data visualization. He wrote about his experience: I’d love to see a way to make data visualization education a broader part of the curriculum, both on its own and linked with their math and other classes. Imagine adding different shapes to maps in their Social Studies classes to encode data or using waterfall charts in their math classes to visually...

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