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Light from the center of the galaxy

This animated interactive explains how a research group is using light to measure the speed of objects millions of miles away. Light that is farther away will appear to be a different color than a light that is closer. So by measuring the rate of color shifts, they can estimate velocity. Tags: Albert Einstein, light, space

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Real-time speed of light from Earth to Mars

Hurry up, light. We’re gonna be late: By James O’Donoghue, the animation shows the speed of light in real-time. The distance between Earth, the moon, and Mars is to scale, but the locations are scaled up so that you can see them. See also the animations for Earth to the moon and of light orbiting Earth. Tags: light, NASA, scale, speed

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Night lights mapped as terrain

You’ve probably seen the maps of Earth at night. It gives you a good idea of activity around the world, through the eyes of light. As an experiment and a shift in view, Jacob Wasilkowski mapped the light as terrain. Tags: light, terrain

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Time-lapse shows night sky at varying levels of light pollution

One of my favorite childhood memories is the time I went camping and saw the Big Dipper for the first time. There weren’t any lights in the mountains to diffuse the view of the sky. Sriram Murali uses time-lapse to demonstrate. Queue the ethereal music: [via kottke] Tags: light, pollution, time-lapse

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