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Map of nighttime lights normalized by population

You’ve probably seen the composite map of lights at night from NASA. It looks a lot like population density. Tim Wallace adjusted the map for population, so that you can see (roughly) the areas that produce more light per person. Adjusting NOAA nighttime lights for population reveals areas that create an outsized amount of light per person living there. — Tim Wallace (@wallacetim) November 10, 2019 Tags: lights, population,...

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Shift in world’s night lights

NASA recently released composite images of the Earth at night based on 2016 data, which was a follow-up to similar images for 2012. John Nelson compared the two, specifically looking for new lights that came on (blue) and lights that went off (pink). The former, suggesting growth and the latter, suggesting decline. Full zoomable version of the Earth here. Tags: John Nelson, lights, night

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