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French fry power rankings

Lucas Kwan Peterson for the Los Angeles Times ranked fast food french fries. That is all. Tags: fast food, french fries, Los Angeles Times

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Where Camp fire destroyed homes

The Camp fire death toll rose to 63 and 631 missing as of yesterday. The Los Angeles Times provides some graphics showing scale and the buildings that burned. Ugh. I live a few hundred miles away and the smoke is bad enough that my son’s school is closed today. It has not been a good year for California in terms of wildfires. Tags: Los Angeles Times, wildfire

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Every Kobe Bryant shot charted

In celebration of Kobe Bryant’s final game, the Los Angeles Times charted all 30,699 field goals threw up over his twenty-year career. A tour feature takes you through some of Bryant’s most significant shots, and an exploration mode lets you filter down to the shots you’re interested in, like buzzer beaters, jump shots, or just makes. Tags: basketball, Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Times

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Drought report cards for California water districts

Thomas Suh Lauder for the Los Angeles Times provides you with a way to see how the water district near you is doing relative to the rest of the state. Look up a location. Get a report card. It's still not looking good for California's drought situation. Lots of brown yards, parks with dying grass, and barren farm lands up for sale. It depends where you are though. For example,...

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Gallons of water to produce foods

With all the talk recently about how much water it takes to grow almonds, Kyle Kim for the Los Angeles Times took a quick look at home many gallons of water it takes on average to produce other foods. Although almonds isn't on the chart. Am I missing it? In other news, I will be switching to a strict diet of carrots and beer in the interest of saving water...

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