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Map of mathematics

The Map of Mathematics from Quanta Magazine explains key concepts with animated visualizations: From simple starting points — Numbers, Shapes, Change — the map branches out into interwoven tendrils of thought. Follow it, and you’ll understand how prime numbers connect to geometry, how symmetries give a handle on questions of infinity. And although the map is necessarily incomplete — mathematics is too grand to fit into any single map —...

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Math gender gap bigger in richer school districts

This is quite the scatterplot from Claire Cain Miller and Kevin Quealy for The Upshot. The vertical axis represents by how much girls or boys are better in standardized tests; the horizontal axis represents wealth; each bubble represents a school district; and yellow represents English test scores, and blue represents math test scores. The result: a non-trend up top and a widening gap at the bottom. Tags: gender, math, school,...

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Mathematical gift wrapping

Mathematician Katie Steckles shows logical solutions to wrapping variously shaped presents. I could've used this a few days ago. At some point in the wrapping process I wondered if it'd be better if I just haphazardly threw a bunch of paper scraps onto the gift and covered it in tape. Tags: math, gifts

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Pascal’s triangle, not just a stack of numbers

You know the thing. It's the triangle of numbers that you learned about in high school. Each number in a row is the sum of the two numbers above it in the previous row. Of course, as explained in the video below, there's more to it than that. SECRETS REVEALED. x [via kottke] Tags: math, Pascal's triangle

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