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✚ Visualization the Medium, the Amorphous Blobby

A couple of famous directors were defending animated films as a medium rather than a genre of film meant for kids. I got to thinking about the parallels to visualization. Read More

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Visualizations using Play-Doh

We usually visualize data on computers, because it’s where the data exists and it’s a more efficient process. But as long as you can make shapes and use colors, you can use just about any material. Amy Cesal, as part of a 100-day creative project called Day Doh Viz, is using Play-Doh. Ever since my son shifted his art station to my office, I’ve been drawn to his crayons, markers,...

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What data visualization is for

Eric Rodenbeck from Stamen Design discusses visualization the medium over visualization the tool or the insight-providing image: Dataviz! Data visualization! I don’t think it’s for anything! I don’t believe it’s meaningful to say that dataviz is for one thing, any more than it’s meaningful to say that architecture is for any one thing. Or that photography is for one thing, that it has a purpose that can be defined in...

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