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Porn traffic before and after the missile alert in Hawaii

PornHub compared minute-to-minute traffic on their site before and after the missile alert to an average Saturday (okay for work). Right after the alert there was a dip as people rushed for shelter, but not long after the false alarm notice, traffic appears to spike. Some interpret this as people rushed to porn after learning that a missile was not headed towards their home. Maybe that’s part of the reason,...

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Stopping a nuclear missile fired at the US

I hate that this feels like something civilians should know. Bonnie Berkowitz and Aaron Steckelberg, reporting for the Washington Post, describe with a graphic how the United States might counter a nuclear missile fired by North Korea. Tags: missile, scrollytelling, Washington Post

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Where North Korea can reach with its missiles

Troy Griggs and Karen Yourish for The New York Times mapped the estimated range of North Korea’s current missiles. They might be able to reach the continental United States now. Ugh. Just typing that, I feel uneasy. Tags: missile, New York Times, North Korea

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