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✚ Shifting to Responsive Charts, Tools for Mobile (The Process #35)

In this issue I go over my somewhat delayed shift towards making charts that work in different screen sizes and the tools that work for me. Read More

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Using an audience’s own data to highlight both play and security

This is great. Daniel Goddemeyer and Dominikus Baur made Data Futures, which collects multiple choice answers from audience members and then allows the speaker to interact and visualize the results on stage, as well as highlight audience members. I’m imagining this project restructured in a college statistics course with several hundred unwitting students. Seems like a great learning opportunity. Tags: audience, mobile, talk

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Cell reception on the subway, mapped

Daniel Goddemeyer and Dominikus Baur grew interested in cell reception while on the New York subway: In recent years, the MTA has started to equip select stations with WiFi and cell phone transmitters, but due to the remaining lack of connectivity in the tunnels, passengers rely on stray signals from surface transmitters to send or receive messages in between stations. So they traveled the lines, collected data, and mapped out...

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A month in the life of personal location and messaging metadata

Data researcher and artist Mimi Onuoha looked at the personal location and messaging data from four groups of people in a project called Pathways. It's less about how much we can find out from a person's traces and more about what the data doesn't capture. The interesting thing about this group was the degree to which their data couldn't capture the reality of what they were experiencing. I was present...

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Surveillance selfie with cell phone metadata

How much can you find out from “just the metadata” about your cell phone? ABC News in Australia aims to find out. Australia's new data retention laws mean phone and internet companies have to save this information for two years: that's every time you call someone, where you call them from, which cell tower your phone pings every time it connects to the internet, and more. On a mission to...

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