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Myth of the impartial machine

In its inaugural issue, Parametric Press describes how bias can easily come about when working with data: Even big data are susceptible to non-sampling errors. A study by researchers at Google found that the United States (which accounts for 4% of the world population) contributed over 45% of the data for ImageNet, a database of more than 14 million labelled images. Meanwhile, China and India combined contribute just 3% of...

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Game of Thrones death predictor

Monica Ramirez tried her hand with modeling deaths on Game of Thrones and trying to predict the next ones: Since the series is so famous for killing principal characters (It’s true! Yu can’t have a favourite character because he/she wouls die, and slowly, other characters take the lead… and would probably die too), I decided to make a Classification Model in Python, to try to find any rule or pattern...

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