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A more detailed view of the Mueller Report

By now we’ve all seen the zoomed out thumbnail view of the Mueller Report. It gives you a quick look at the amount of the report redacted, but that’s about it. So, Axios tagged every paragraph with events, topics, people, and places to make things easier to find and jump to. Tags: Axios, Mueller

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The redacted version (pdf) of the Mueller report was released today. Here’s the thumbnailed view for a sense of the redactions. I had to do this in R real quick, or I wasn’t going to get anything done for the rest of the day. Here’s my snippet in case you’re interested: # install.packages(c("pdftools", "png")) library(pdftools) library(png) pdf_convert("mueller-report.pdf") # Dimensions of 1 page. imgwidth <- 612 imgheight <- 792 # Grid...

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Visualizing Verified Twitter’s Reaction to Robert Mueller’s Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s now-concluded investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian influence over the 2016 presidential election was obviously a hot topic on Twitter. More than 400,000 tweets — an average about 600 per day — mentioned the word* “Mueller” since the former FBI chief was appointed to lead the investigation in May 2017, according to a dump (190MB csv) of verified user data pulled from the social network using Python...

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Connections and patterns in the Mueller investigation

While we’re on the subject of distributions, Fathom used a collection of beeswarm charts to show documents about the Mueller investigation over time and connections between individuals. It’s called Porfiry. Filled circles represent documents that represent connections, and circle size represents the number of documents. Tags: Fathom, Mueller

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