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Earth Reviews

Given our love for making our opinions heard for products on the internets, Earth Reviews from Neal Agarwal extends the possibilities. Review acne, frogs, snow, gum, doors, and many other important things that require important reviews. Make your voice heard. Tags: Earth, humor, Neal Agarwal, reviews

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Settling all the internet debates in one go with a bunch of polling

The internet was once this fun place where people had goofy debates about how to pronounce “gif” (with a hard g), the color of a dress (blue and black), and whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich (no). That place is no more, leaving unsettled debates just floating around out there. Luckily, Neal Agarwal compiled the hot debates in one place to settle the scores once and for...

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Printing money at the speed of various wages

Neal Agarwal used a money printing metaphor to depict differences in various wages. The higher the wage, the faster the money prints. Keep scrolling and you also see big company revenues, finished with a frantic U.S. deficit increase. So good. [Thanks, Neal] Tags: animation, money, Neal Agarwal

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Scroll, scroll, scroll through the depths of the ocean

The oceans are deep. But how deep and what’s down there? Neal Agarwal provides this piece, The Deep Sea, that scales the depths of the ocean to your browser window. Scroll, scroll, and then scroll some more to see what sea life (and other things) reside at various depths. Agarwal’s Size of Space piece from last month explores the size of space in a similar vein. It’s equally fun. This...

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