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Guess who the neighborhood voted for

NYT’s The Upshot has a quiz that puts you in a neighborhood via Google Maps images. Who did the neighborhood vote for in the 2020 presidential election? The aggregate of reader results is the most interesting part, which shows a strong correlation between correct guesses and the magnitude of the win by a candidate. I much prefer this quiz over the refrigerator one The Upshot put up last year. Tags:...

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Covid-19 in your neighborhood

With recorded U.S. Covid-19 deaths passing the 200k mark, somehow the number still feels distant for many. The Washington Post, in collaboration with Lupa and the Google News Initiative, brings the tally to your neighborhood to help you relate more closely. The story starts at your location. Based on population counts and density, you zoom out to see an approximation of how far a death radius would expand from where...

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