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Are People in Colder Countries Taller? (Continued…)

Earlier this week I posted two scatterplots examining the relationship between a country’s average temperature and its male residents’ average height. The data show some correlation, but there probably are several of other factors affecting height as well. The earlier plots shaded the country dots by income and region, allowing more context about the groupings of countries (hint: Europe is colder and taller). This next version, however, proportionally sizes the...

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Are People in Colder Countries Taller?

I got married in Amsterdam. One thing I remember most about my time in The Netherlands is the obvious height of the locals. Both men and women, generally, are quite tall. A new study supports my anecdotal observation. Dutch men are the tallest people in the World (women there are second), followed closely by some of their European neighbors. People in Southeast Asian and African countries are, on the other...

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