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Interactive explainer for how disease and ideas spread through a network

Kevin Simler uses interactive simulations to explain how things — ideas, disease, memes — spread through a network. It always looks like concentrated chaos to begin, but then the things infect quickly. Adjust variables, press play, and watch them go. Tags: diffusion, network, simulation

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[For Members] Getting Started with Network Graphs in R

Add the vertices. Connect them with edges. Repeat as necessary. Read More

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Shared tag space

A little sideproduct from the selfiecity project: (click for zoomable version) Shared tag space — a comparative visualization of the keywords people in five cities use to describe their selfies. The visualization displays a network of tags, cities and photos. The photos are used as bridges between tags and cities. Only tags that have been used at least twice are displayed with a text label. Bigger tags are used more...

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