Nicholas Rougeux

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Modernized version of a mid-19th century encylopedia

Between 1849 and 1851, J.G. Heck published a 10-part encyclopedia called Iconographic Encyclopædia covering a wide range of topics in science and art. Nicholas Rougeux, who likes to web-ify old works, restored Heck’s 13,000-plus illustrations and restructured the encyclopedia for the browser. All it took was hours of manual labor spread out over 13 months. Read more about the process here. Tags: encyclopedia, J. G. Heck, Nicholas Rougeux, restoration

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Illustrated color catalog of minerals

Between 1802 and 1817, James Sowerby cataloged and illustrated 718 minerals across seven volumes. Nicholas Rougeux restored all of the illustrations over several months, carefully arranged them by color, and made them browsable on a page. The result: British & Exotic Mineralogy. Read about the slow process here. Also in poster form. Tags: color, James Sowerby, minerals, nature, Nicholas Rougeux

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