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Playable simulations to decide what happens next

The timelines keep shifting and people are getting antsy for many valid (and not-so-valid) reasons. When will this end? Will we ever get “normal” again? At this point, simulations are probably the closest we can get to seeing what might happen next. Marcel Salathé and Nicky Case peer into what happens next with these playable simulations. Where many simulations have felt like distant, abstract ideas, Salathé and Case’s explanations and...

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Interactive comic to remember things better

In a time we commit less to memory and rely more on technology supplements, Nicky Case provides an interactive comic to teach the science of spaced repetition, which can be used to “remember anything forever-ish.” My memory is horrible, and it only gets worse with time. I needed this. Tags: memory, Nicky Case

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Considering the “valuable-ness” of the things we make

Nicky Case ponders the “valuable-ness” of the things he makes as the product of the number of people reached and the average value for each person reached. Finding the balance is tricky. Tags: Nicky Case, value

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A game to better understand the wisdom (and madness) of crowds

You’ve probably heard of the wisdom of crowds. The general idea, popularized by James Surowiecki’s book, is that a large group of non-experts can solve problems collectively better than a single expert. As you can imagine, there are a lot of subtleties and complexities to this idea. Nicky Case helps you understand with a game. Draw networks, run simulations, and learn in the process. The game takes about a half...

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Explaining the evolution of trust with game theory

Nicky Case, who has a knack for making complex topics playfully fun, delves into the evolution of trust between people and groups using game theory. And naturally, the explainer is in the format of a game. See how the golden rule plays out, how cheaters prosper in the short run but lose in the end, and how communication is key. The game takes about 30 minutes to play. Worth your...

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Simulate the world as an emoji system of rules

We tend to think of life in terms of cause and effect. Do this. That happens. The point of view is often too narrow in scope though, and really what we're looking at is a small part of a more complex system. Do this, that happens, then this again, then that, and so on. Nicky Case made a tool that lets you simulate such a system, using emojis and a...

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