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Four decades of oceanic wave moments, as a surfing game

Surf is a data-based game by Andy Bergmann that lets you move across a thirty-seven-year time series from NOAA. The data forms the waves, and you’re a dog on a surf board jumping over sharks. It’s kind of like a stripped down version of Alto’s Adventure but with data. Fun. Tags: Andy Bergmann, NOAA

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Climate normals mapped over time

Every decade the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases climate normals to provide a baseline to compare current weather against. NOAA just released the estimates for 1991 to 2020. As you might expect, and shown in the maps above, it’s getting hotter. Tags: climate, NOAA, normal

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DIY satellite ground station to receive images from NOAA

You can basically hook up an antennae to your laptop and start receiving images from space. This DIY guide from Public Lab amazes me. The NOAA satellites have inbuilt radio antennas that transmit the data collected by the AVHRR instrument on a frequency in the 137 MHz range. To minimise interference between satellites, each NOAA satellite transmits on a different frequency within the 137 MHz range. […] Your antenna is...

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NOAA chief scientist highlights the forecast contradiction

In regards to the press release that seemed to contradict the National Weather Service forecast, Craig N. McLean, chief scientist of NOAA: During the course of the storm, as I am sure you are aware, there were routine and exceptional expert forecasts, the best possible, issued by the NWS Forecasters. These are remarkable colleagues of ours, who receive our products, use them well, and provide the benefit of their own...

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