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Nuclear energy rebrand

Nuclear energy has bad memories linked to it, which tends to draw fear from the general public. Harry Stevens, for The Washington Post, explains why some feel the fear is unwarranted: This explanation vastly oversimplifies a great deal of sophisticated engineering. However, the basic concept of a steam-powered electricity plant had been worked out by the late 1800s. “The only thing the 20th century gave us was a new way...

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Reducing the risk of nuclear war

For Our World in Data, Max Roser discusses the risk and possible destruction of nuclear war, along with suggestions on how to reduce that risk: An escalating conflict between nuclear powers – but also an accident, a hacker, a terrorist, or an irresponsible leader – could lead to the detonation of nuclear weapons. Those risks only go to zero if all nuclear weapons are removed from the world. I believe...

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How Do We Solve North Korea? Yonsei University Students Have Ideas.

I gave a guest lecture today to an East Asian international relations course at Yonsei University in Seoul. As part of the class, the more than 40 students participated in an exercise by answering this question about North Korea: How do we address the North Korea nuclear issue? 1. Accept as nuclear state 2. Strike known nuclear targets 3. International sanctions 4. Suspend U.S. military drills 5. Diplomacy 6. Two...

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Nuclear war is on the ballot

Neil Halloran, creator of the interactive World War II documentary focused on deaths, is working on another focused on the cost of nuclear war. With the election tomorrow, Halloran pushed out an “election cut” to highlight what’s at stake. Very scary. Tags: election, nuclear

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Nuclear detonations from 1945 to present

There have been over 2,000 nuclear detonations since 1945. Orbital Mechanics mapped each documented test in animated form. It's mostly about mood and the individual explosions. More journal-like, although not much annotation unfortunately. x Red represents atmospheric explosions, yellow represents underground, and blue represents underwater. See also artist Isao Hashimoto's rendition from a few years ago. It's the same data with an entirely different feel. x [via kottke] Tags: animation,...

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