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Is the hot hand in basketball real?

With Numberphile, Lisa Goldberg discusses her research with Alon Daks and Nishant Desai at the University of California, Berkeley on the hot hand in basketball. When a player is hitting shots, is he more likely to hit the next one? The experiment results suggest that the hot hand is actually just randomness. That said, there are other points of view on this topic. As a statistician, I don’t think the...

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Speeding increases energy in a crash exponentially

A car moving at 70 miles per hour has to stop suddenly. Another car going 100 miles per hour also has to stop suddenly. Your intuition might say that the former requires 30% less energy to stop, but the energy required is actually proportional to the square of the velocity. Ben Sparks for Numberphile explains: Okay. Now what are the energy gains and losses for the guy trying to speed...

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Math of crime and terrorism

Numberphile, from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, is one my new favorite YouTube channels. In this episode, Hannah Fry talks crime, data, and the Poisson distribution. [Thanks, Mike] Tags: crime, Hannah Fry, Numberphile

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