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Visualizing time-based data

Zan Armstrong, Ian Johnson, and Mike Freeman for Observable wrote a guide on analyzing time series data. Using an energy dataset, they show how asking different questions can lead to different findings and visualizations: These are stories about analyzing data that changes over time. While most of us don’t dig into data about energy day-to-day, we hope the feel of this data and these questions will be familiar to anyone...

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Observable Plot, a JavaScript library for more straightforward visualization of tabular data

If you’re into the notebook workflow, Observable Plot is a JavaScript library built for you: We created Plot to better support exploratory data analysis in reactive, JavaScript notebooks like Observable. We continue to support D3 for bespoke explanatory visualization and recommend Vega-Lite for imperative, polyglot environments such as Jupyter. Plot lets you see your ideas quickly, supports interaction with minimal fuss, is flexible with respect to data, and can be...

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