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Data visualization(-ish) in the style of famous artists

DALL-E is an AI system from OpenAI that creates images from text. You can enter very random things and get very real-looking output. So of course someone entered “data visualization in the style of insert-anything-here” for a wide array of inspiration. I’m partial to the bar chart made out of cake. Tags: AI, DALL-E, OpenAI

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Neural network creates images from text

OpenAI trained a neural network that they call DALL·E with a dataset of text and image pairs. So now the neural network can take text input and output random combinations of descriptors and objects, like a purse in the style of Rubik’s cube or a teapot imitating Pikachu. Tags: images, neural network, OpenAI, text

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Neural network generates convincing songs by famous singers

Jukebox from OpenAI is a generative model that makes music in the same styles as many artists you’ll probably recognize: To train this model, we crawled the web to curate a new dataset of 1.2 million songs (600,000 of which are in English), paired with the corresponding lyrics and metadata from LyricWiki. The metadata includes artist, album genre, and year of the songs, along with common moods or playlist keywords...

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