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Make a streets map of anywhere in the world

Following up on his mini-app to draw ridgeline maps for elevation, Andrei Kashcha made a tool to draw a streets map of anywhere in the world. Enter a city, and using data from OpenStreetMap, you’ve got yourself a map for export. You can also easily change the color scheme to your liking, which is fun to play with as you scroll back and forth. Finally, Kashcha also put the code...

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Haikus generated based on your map location and OpenStreetMap data

Satellite Studio made a map thing that generates haikus based on OpenStreetMap data and your location. From the announcement: [W]e automated making haikus about places. Looking at every aspect of the surroundings of a point, we can generate a poem about any place in the world. The result is sometimes fun, often weird, most of the time pretty terrible. Also probably horrifying for haiku purists (sorry). This is pretty great....

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Make a figure-ground diagram using OpenStreetMap data

In visual perception, a figure-ground grouping is where you recognize an object through the background. Think of the vase and two faces image. Hans Hack made a simple tool that lets you make such a diagram using OpenStreetMap data. Select a location in the world, adjust the radius of the circle, provide a label, and voilà, you have yourself a poster. Download it as an image or SVG file. Tags:...

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One square mile in different cities

As part of his dissertation, Geoff Boeing generated these maps that show one square mile of road network in select cities. To compare urban form in different kinds of places, these visualizations have depicted some downtowns, some business parks, and some suburban residential neighborhoods. These patterns also vary greatly within cities: Portland’s suburban east side looks very different than its downtown, and Sacramento’s grid-like downtown looks very different than its...

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