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R packages useful for sports analytics

If you’re into R and analyzing sports data, you’ll want to save this CRAN task view: This CRAN Task View contains a list of packages useful for sports analytics. Most of the packages are sport-specific and are grouped as such. However, we also include a General section for packages that provide ancillary functionality relevant to sports analytics (e.g., team-themed color palettes), and a Modeling section for packages useful for statistical...

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Colors for All, R package

If you use color as a visual encoding, you should make sure every one can actually see the differences in your scale. The cols4All package from Martijn Tennekes can help by ranking and categorizing a wide set of color schemes. Color palettes are well organized and made consistent with each other. Moreover, they are scored on several aspects: color-blind-friendliness, the presence of intense colors (which should be avoided), the overall...

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Spike maps in R

Spike maps use the height of spikes to encode data geographically. The format provides a similar effect to frequency trails where the layering looks 3-D-ish, except spikes are typically centered on an area instead of running parallel. Anyways, like most visualization methods with a name, there is an R package for spike maps by Timothée Giraud. If D3.js is your jam, there’s also a solution for that. You can also...

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Interpolate your data for animation

The tweenr package in R, by Thomas Lin Pedersen, helps you interpolate data for easier animated transitions. tweenr is a small package that makes it easy to interpolate your data between different states, specifying the length of each change, the easing of the transition and how many intermediary steps should be generated. tweenr works particularly well with gganimate but can be used for any case where interpolation of data is...

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