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Schedule change with a baby

It’s difficult to emphasize how much life changes when a child comes into the picture. Caitlin Hudon made a chart to show how her daily schedule shifted dramatically. For a while, it seems like all of your free time is gone for good, but ever so slowly, you get a little bit of it back as they grow more independent. Tags: Caitlin Hudon, children, parenthood, time use

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Differences Between Women and Men’s Everyday with Kids

The day-to-day changes a lot when you have kids. However, it seems to change more for women than it does for men. Read More

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How Much the Everyday Changes When You Have Kids

I compared time use for those with children under 18 against those without. Here's where the minutes go. Read More

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How Many Kids We Have and When We Have Them

Many parents stop at two kids. Most are done by three. Still, everyone has their own timelines. Here are 1,000 of them. Read More

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Son’s First Bar Graph Lesson

I gave my son his first bar graph lesson today. Let’s just appreciate this moment for a second. Tags: parenthood

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