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Parenting and Work Schedule During the Pandemic

Working from home was an ideal that many strived for. For many, it still is, but for those with kids who have to learn from home, the schedule change is less than ideal. Read More

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How parents spend time with their kids

For Quartz, Dan Kopf and Jenny Anderson on how time spent with kids changes with age: In the very beginning, it’s all about physical care, otherwise known as the stuff that makes your arms tired. A fifth of time parents spend with kids before their first birthday is on what could be described as keep-them-alive tasks. At age 1, this falls dramatically and it becomes playtime: peek-a-boo, stack the box,...

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Giving Up Days as a Parent

There is a fixed number of minutes during the day. Where do parents usually draw the time from? Read More

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Parents Who Work Like You

Enter how many kids you have, hours you spend with housework, childcare, and paid work. See what percentage of mothers and fathers spend at least the same amount of time. Read More

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