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Basketball court designed as a national park map

Kirk Goldsberry, whose basketball charts you might recognize, made the Naismith International Park Map: This map blends two of my passions: cartography and hoops. The elevation surface on the map is derived from the most common scoring areas in the NBA during the 2019-20 season. Higher places indicate the areas where NBA scorers scored the most from. Naturally this includes the areas near the rim and the areas just outside...

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Park sounds before and during the pandemic

With lockdown orders arounds the world, places that we’re allowed to go sound different. The MIT Senseable City Lab looked at this shift in audio footprint through the lens of public parks: Using machine learning techniques, we analyze the audio from walks taken in key parks around the world to recognize changes in sounds like human voices, emergency sirens, street music, sounds of nature (i.e., bird song, insects), dogs barking,...

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Peak accommodation type at national parks

When staying at national parks, some people choose a tent. Some bring an RV. Others might stay in a lodge or sleep under the stars. Of course, it depends on where they stay and the weather during any given time of year. Using data from the National Park Service, Jordan Vincent charted all these things with a multi-faceted approach. Each band represents patterns for an accommodation type over a year,...

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