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Looking for patterns and structures from the sky

Photographer Bernhard Lang takes pictures in small planes and helicopters, pointing his camera towards the ground. In the ongoing project Aerial Views, he focuses on patterns and structures, which makes for interesting visuals that you’d miss on the ground. Tags: photography, physical

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Composite photos of airplanes in flight

Photographer Mike Kelley visited airports around the world, took pictures of airplanes leaving, and then pieced the photos together in a series of composite photos. The result was Airportraits. A bit about the arduous process: I often get asked exactly just how ‘real’ these images are. And on one hand, they are as real as they get. I’d sit in one place for an entire day, and take a burst...

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Food pictures taken with thermal camera

Thermal cameras, which use infrared to detect heat, provide images of temperature. Firefighters can use them to find people in smokey rooms, law enforcement can use them for surveillance, and technicians can use them to detect power faults. Brea Souders used one to take pictures of everyday foods. [via kottke] Tags: food, photography

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Long-exposure bird flights

Using a long-exposure photography technique, Xavi Bou captured bird flight patterns in his series Ornitographies. Unlike other motion analysis which preceded it, Ornitographies moves away from the scientific approach of chronophotography used by photographers like Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey. The approach used by Xavi Bou to portray the scene is not invasive; moreover, it rejects the distant study, resulting in organic form images that stimulate the imagination. Tags: long-exposure,...

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Camera really adds tens pounds

Photographic evidence. When they say"The camera adds 10 pounds"they're not kidding.Here's the effect with different camera lenses: — Jim Zub (@JimZub) July 26, 2016 Tags: photography, weight

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My commentary on the intersection of photography and dataviz is…

My commentary on the intersection of photography and dataviz is now a book from Gestalten! PhotoViz is a collection of people and projects using photography to visualize information more powerfully and compactly than ever: a full day of flights all at once, invisible Wi-Fi networks, global trade, intimate psychology, movement, time itself, and more… The book is available from Amazon and Gestalten now.

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