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High-resolution satellite image of Kincade fire, up close from far away

I feel like satellite imagery has upped its skillset in recent years. According to Rob Simmon, the image below from Planet of the Kincade fire in Sonoma, California was taken from 600 miles away in Utah. Planet SkySat imagery of the #KincadeFire captured at an extreme angle yesterday, October 27th. — Planet (@planetlabs) October 28, 2019 Tags: Planet, satellite imagery, wildfire

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Imaging Earth on the daily

Over the past four years, Planet deployed 293 satellites in low orbit to take a snapshot of Earth every day. This animation by Nadieh Bremer shows how the snapshot gets pieced together. Most of me is like, yeah awesome. But then there’s that remaining bit of me that is a little bit nervous. Tags: Nadieh Bremer, Planet, satellite imagery, space

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