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Years of life lost due to breathing bad air

Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute estimated the number of years lost and the number of people affected due to particulate matter in the air. They estimated per country. The Washington Post used a mosaic plot, aka a Marimekko chart, to show the differences. The width of each column represents total population for a country. The sections in each columns represent the number of people who will...

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Turning water pollution into audiolized awareness

Brian House collected polluted water with acid mine drainage in the Tshimologong Precinct, Johannesburg and translated pollution levels to sound: Acid Love comprises vessels of AMD gathered from a mine on the outskirts of the city. These are connected in an electrical circuit that measures the conductivity from the metals of the water and coverts it into sound. The sound is further modulated by data gathered from remediation efforts at...

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Time-lapse shows night sky at varying levels of light pollution

One of my favorite childhood memories is the time I went camping and saw the Big Dipper for the first time. There weren’t any lights in the mountains to diffuse the view of the sky. Sriram Murali uses time-lapse to demonstrate. Queue the ethereal music: [via kottke] Tags: light, pollution, time-lapse

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Pollution popsicles

Students at the National Taiwan University of Arts made popsicles using sewage runoff to highlight pollution problems in their area. Then they replicated the popsicles and made stylish wrappers for a longer-lasting display. Mmm, sewage. [via Mashable] Tags: pollution, popsicles

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X-Ray of the oceans

Using satellite data and spatial models, researchers estimate human influence in the ocean. Darker means more impact. Two-thirds of the ocean shows increased strain from human-related factors, such as fishing and climate change. And more than three-quarters of coastal waters suffer from climate change and increases in the effects of harmful land-based activities, including pollution. In all, the researchers classified more than 40 percent of the ocean as “heavily impacted”...

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Comparing Air Pollution in Seoul, China, U.S.

The view from our apartment in Seoul. Some days are better than others. The air quality in Seoul — a mega city home to 70,000 taxis and 10 million residents — can get rough at times, especially for people already sensitive to pollution. It’s been an adjustment for my family, though it could be worse. We could live in Beijing or Shanghai. This chart, from a recent work collaboration with my wife, shows...

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