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More friendships between rich and poor might mean less poverty

Recently published in Nature, research by Chetty, R., Jackson, M.O., Kuchler, T. et al. suggests that economic connectedness, or friendships between rich and poor, could improve economic mobility. The researchers used Facebook connection data from 70.3 million users, along with demographic and income data. NYT’s The Upshot explains the relationships with a collection of maps and charts. You can find an anonymized, aggregated version of the data through the Social Capital...

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New Poverty Data Show Improving Economic Conditions in States

Economic conditions continue to improve in America’s states, with many showing significant declines in their poverty rates, according to new survey data released recently by the U.S. Census Bureau. About 14.7 percent of the American population had incomes last year that were below their respective poverty levels, which vary depending on household size — a significant decline from 2014. Data in the states reflect that improvement. First, here’s how the...

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Exploding poverty

Poverty is on the rise. Justin Palmer mapped it for major cities in the United States. Concentrated poverty in the neighborhoods of the nation's largest urban cores has exploded since the 1970s. The number of high poverty neighborhoods has tripled and the number of poor people in those neighborhoods has doubled according to a report released by City Observatory. Instead of going with a choropleth map and filled polygons, Palmer...

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