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All the art in the Oval Office

The President of the United States chooses the art for the Oval Office, and the choices show who the president admires or the image they want to project. Larry Buchanan and Matt Stevens for The New York Times take you through all of the choices since the Kennedy administration. About half way through the piece, an averaged image of the office through several presidencies shows what changes and what stays...

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Trump’s Approval Ratings are Resilient. How Does that Compare Historically?

Despite all the controversy attached to his presidency, Donald Trump has managed to retain a relatively consistent approval rating in the last two years — especially when compared to predecessors in the modern era. The president’s approval rating has climbed some in recent weeks after a significant decline in January, reverting to around the average during the last two years. Perhaps it’s the tribalism in American politics or the fragmented news...

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Visualizing a Year of @realDonaldTrump

President Trump thumbed his way through another year in the White House on Twitter, compiling a good (great) collection of 2,930 touts, complaints, defenses and rants. He left 2018 with this perplexing New Year’s Eve missive extolling the old-fashioned endurance of “Walls” and “Wheels” as one of his last. As the message shows, the president’s twitter presence lately is crowded by an increasingly evergreen list of grievances (Democrats, Russia, fake...

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Let’s Tess(t)ellate: The Electoral College in Tile Grid Maps, 1980-2012

I recently added some new charting tools here thanks to NPR’s excellent daily graphics rig, which we used recently to compare air quality in Seoul with other large cities. There’s still plenty of tinkering to be done here with the rig, especially with deployment to WordPress. But as a first public test, I made several tile grid maps to show Electoral College results in presidential elections since 1980. The “maps”...

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