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Upcoming talks and workshops, NYC, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis

The following talks/events are all free and open to the public. If I'm in your neighborhood, please come by and say hi.   You can register or learn more about the above talks at the following links: Feb 20, 2018 (tonight, NYC) - Principal Analytics Prep Open House, with me and Tina Lowry, talking about the data analytics field and how to get a job in this space. More information...

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February talks, and exploratory data analysis using visuals

News: In February, I am bringing my dataviz lecture to various cities: Atlanta (Feb 7), Austin (Feb 15), and Copenhagen (Feb 28). Click on the links for free registration. I hope to meet some of you there. *** On the sister blog about predictive models and Big Data, I have been discussing aspects of a dataset containing IMDB movie data. Here are previous posts (1, 2, 3). The latest instalment...

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