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South Korean Women (Especially Young Women) Fear Crime More Than Men

The recent murder of a young woman in Seoul’s Gangnam district has prompted discussion about the treatment of women in South Korean society, including lingering gender inequality, harassment and even physical violence. Perhaps that concern — expressed anecdotally in media stories about the crime and the angry public response it provoked — could help explain why women and men here view the threat of crime differently. A national government survey two years ago asked about...

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Comparison of shifted public opinion

David Leonhardt and Alicia Parlapiano compared public opinion over time for various social issues, based on estimates from the Pew Research Center and Gallup. The issues fall into two categories. In one category are the rights-based issues in which the future can be safely predicted. In the other category — which includes abortion, gun control and climate change — there is far less clarity about the direction of public opinion....

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Conflicting views: Public versus scientists

Pew Research Center released a report that compares the public and scientists' views on science and society. On some things, such as the space station, fracking, and bioengineered fuel, U.S. adults and scientists a part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science share similar sentiments. On other issues, such as genetically modified foods, animals in research, and climate change, there are big differences. Tags: Pew Research, public opinion,...

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