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✚ More Colors vs. Fewer Colors – The Process 127

The two approaches answer two different questions. Read More

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Four Cs of data and design

Ben Fry using the “tropiest of design tropes”, describes his goals for visualization. On communication: Communication is the most basic part: the table stakes of information design. If the piece doesn’t communicate, then it’s useless. A lot of time, attention, and effort goes into creating PDF documents that few people will ever read. In the past this was even more expensive, because the result was elegant printed reports that would...

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✚ Make It Mean Something or It Didn’t Happen

Visualization as template-filling content is lazy visualization that no one draws benefit from. Give people a reason to care. Read More

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✚ Detailed Intentions of a Map, When Everything Leads to Nothing, Designing for Misinterpretations

The New York Times published an election map. A lot of people did not like the map, arguing that it was an inaccurate representation. Those who did like the map argued that one must consider intent before throwing a map to the flames. What happens when intended use and actual use do not match up? Read More

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