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✚ Technical Know-How is Part One (The Process #70)

There's a technical component of visualization that leans towards code, data formatting, and clicking the right buttons in the right order. Then there's everything else that makes okay charts into something much better. Read More

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✚ Less Time With Methods, More Time With Questions and Context (The Process #61)

Hi, Data represents the real world, and visualization represents data. But sometimes data… Read More

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Ask the Question, Visualize the Answer

Let's work through a practical example to see how asking and answering questions helps guide you towards more focused data graphics. Read More

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Visualization choice depends on the data and the questions

When you don’t know where to start with a dataset, try to come up with a question. It’ll point you in the direction you want to go, as this guide by Frédérik Ruys shows you. [via @maartenzam] Tags: questions

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One Dataset, Visualized 25 Ways

“Let the data speak.” It’s a common saying for chart design. The premise — strip out the bits that don’t help patterns in your data emerge — is fine, but people often misinterpret the mantra to mean that they should make a stripped down chart and let the data take it from there. You have to guide the conversation though. You must help the data focus and get to the...

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