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Drop rain anywhere in the world and see where it ends up

One of my favorites of the year, Sam Learner’s River Runner shows you a terrain map that lets you place a drop of rain anywhere in the contiguous United States. You’re then taken on a river tour that shows where the drop ends up. Learner just expanded the project to let you drop water anywhere in the world. Tags: rain, river, Sam Learner, water

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Map shows you where a raindrop ends up

River Runner is a fun interactive map by Sam Learner. Click anywhere in the contiguous United States to drop some rain and, based on data from the U.S. Geological Survey, the map shows you where the rain ends up and the path it takes to get there. This uses USGS NHDPlus data and their NLDI API to visualize the path of a rain droplet from any point in the contiguous...

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Summer rain levels compared to the norms

Tim Meko and Aaron Steckelberg for The Washington Post compared this summer’s rains with the average. The combination of mapping as terrain and color-encoding provides an interesting foam-looking aesthetic. Tags: rain, Washington Post, weather

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Change in rain, 2016

In some areas of the United States it poured down rain, which caused historic floods, and in other areas there was a lack of rain, which caused historic drought. The Washington Post has a map for that. Purple means less rain than usual, and green means more. Tags: rain, Washington Post, weather

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