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Live polling results for transparency and a way to learn about the process

In a collaboration with Siena College, The Upshot is showing live polling results. The ticker moves in real-time for every phone call. For the first time, we’ll publish our poll results and display them in real time, from start to finish, respondent by respondent. No media organization has ever tried something like this, and we hope to set a new standard of transparency. You’ll see the poll results at the...

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Titanic sinking in real-time

Visualization of time is usually about compression so that you can see more in less minutes. This animation, however, shows the Titanic sinking in near real-time, over 2 hours and 40 minutes. My knee-jerk reaction was, wow, that’s a long time for everyone to get to safety, but let’s not forget this was in the freakin’ ocean in 1912. So you know, there’s that. [via kottke] Tags: real-time, Titanic

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