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Remixing the grocery receipt with data visualization

In prototyping mode, Susie Lu incorporated visualization into the common receipt from the grocery store. It gives a price breakdown for money spent on an actual receipt-sized paper using the same thermal printer you might see at the store. It reminds me of the redesigned nutrition facts on a milk carton. Whatever happened to that trend of sticking visualization on everyday things? I think it’s comeback time. Tags: receipt, remake

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When the interesting pattern ends up just being computer byproduct

Good lesson here. Christian Laesser was playing around with receipt data and initially thought he had a fun pattern at hand. It looked like the shopper always put things in his or her cart in the same order every time. It turns out though that the order just came from the computer ordering items by category. It had nothing to do with shopping order. Familiarize yourself with your data source...

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