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Play miniature golf, learn about congressional redistricting

Congressional redistricting and gerrymandering are important topics, because they can directly change election results. However, gerrymandering is called gerrymandering, so it’s too easy to get lost in the details. Well, fret no more. Dylan Moriarty and Joe Fox for The Washington Post made a miniature golf game to teach what’s currently at stake. It’s a ten-hole course where each putting green is in the shape of a district. The shapes...

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Visual guide to redistricting

Gerrymandering continues to be an important thread that I think many people still don’t understand, mostly because it’s called gerrymandering. The Guardian provides a visual guide to explain how creative redistricting can lead to favorable votes. If you’re still not sure, see also the game District by Christopher Walker which walks you through what gerrymandering is and how it works. Tags: gerrymandering, Guardian, redistricting

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