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✚ A Better Chart, Limitations Considered: Exit Poll Results (The Process #77)

Welcome to a new segment where I try to put my self in the shoes of someone who made a bad chart and try to make it better. Read More

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Remixing the grocery receipt with data visualization

In prototyping mode, Susie Lu incorporated visualization into the common receipt from the grocery store. It gives a price breakdown for money spent on an actual receipt-sized paper using the same thermal printer you might see at the store. It reminds me of the redesigned nutrition facts on a milk carton. Whatever happened to that trend of sticking visualization on everyday things? I think it’s comeback time. Tags: receipt, remake

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Remaking charts from The Economist, by a journalist at The Economist

Sarah Leo, a visual journalist at The Economist, looked through the archives and found some charts that could use a re-design. After a deep dive into our archive, I found several instructive examples. I grouped our crimes against data visualisation into three categories: charts that are (1) misleading, (2) confusing and (3) failing to make a point. For each, I suggest an improved version that requires a similar amount of...

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