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Where schools are ready to reopen

For NYT Opinion, Yaryna Serkez and Stuart A. Thompson estimated where we’re ready: Our analysis considers two main things: the rate of new infections in a county and the county’s testing capabilities. We used guidelines from the Harvard Global Health Institute, which proposed a variety of ways to open schools as long as the county has fewer than 25 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people. We also used the World...

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Challenges of reopening the meatpacking plant

To reopen safely, meatpacking plants have to take precautions to provide space and separation for workers. But the process typically involves a lot of people working close together. The New York Times illustrates the process and the challenges moving forward. Tags: coronavirus, meatpacking, New York Times, reopening

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Moves towards reopening the country

Using anonymized cellphone data from SafeGraph, Reade Levinson and Chris Canipe for Reuters mapped the change in foot traffic for different types of businesses over time. Orange represents more movements since the first week of March. Blue means less. Yellow means about the same. We’re working towards all orange. Fingers crossed. Sidenote: Now isn’t really the time, but when it is, we’re gonna have to come back to this mobile...

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Reopening states and how they currently measure up

States are reopening. Some seem ready, and some less so. Lena V. Groeger and Ash Ngu for ProPublica made a reference so that you can quickly see how your state is doing in five important metrics: To give people context on state reopenings, and what happens afterward, we are tracking metrics derived from a set of guidelines published by the White House for states to achieve before loosening restrictions. Even...

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