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✚ Line Chart Baselines Do Not Have to Start at Zero (The Process #39)

There was renewed interest in — gasp — truncated axes this week, a never-ending debate about whether starting axes at non-zero is misleading. Read More

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✚ Charting Pitfalls, Flexible Guidelines, Exceptions to the Rules

Don't use this chart type. That's misleading. Make sure to only use this color scheme. That takes too long to interpret. Use this scale to show that thing. Sometimes it seems like there are so many visualization pitfalls, rules, and guidelines — often conflicting depending on who you ask — that it can be hard to keep track. Read More

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Bar Chart Baselines Start at Zero

There are visualization rules and there are visualization suggestions. Most are suggestions. The ones that are rules exist because of how our brains process visual information. There's just no getting around it.Continue reading →

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