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Salary and Occupation

Stating the obvious, salaries vary across occupations. Here are some charts that show by how much for 800 of them. Read More

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Where salaries stretch the farthest

Salaries are higher in big cities, but it also cost to live more in such places. So, Indeed adjusted salaries for cost of living to find where you get the most for your buck: When we adjust for cost of living, the highest-salary metros look totally different. Among the 185 US metropolitan areas with at least 250,000 people, adjusted salaries are highest in Brownsville-Harlingen, TX, Fort Smith, AR-OK, and Huntington-Ashland,...

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Stack Overflow salary calculator for developers

Stack Overflow used data from their developer survey to build a prediction model for salary, based on role, location, education, experience, and skills. The result was a salary calculator that you can use to gauge how much you should be making. In this salary calculator, we report a predicted salary for the location, education, experience, and other information you enter. We also report a 50% prediction interval. The specific statistical...

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Working on Tips

What percentage of a waiter and waitress's income comes from tips and what comes from salary? The calculation isn't straightforward but we can try. Read More

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