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Age generations in the U.S. Senate, over time

With this straightforward unit chart, shows which generation each Senate member belonged to, from 1947 through 2021. Each rectangle represents a senator, and each column represents a cohort. As time moves on, the generations inevitably shift. In 2021, we have the first Millennial senator in Jon Ossoff from Georgia. Tags: age, generations, government, Senate

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Map of the voting in Georgia, the runoff vs. the general election

For NYT’s The Upshot, Nate Cohn explains how Warnock and Ossoff won Georgia. The accompanying map by Charlie Smart provides a clear picture of swooping arrows that show the shifts from the general election to the runoff. Tags: election, Georgia, runoff, Senate, Upshot

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Cow representation in the Senate

For the Absurd America section of The Washington Post, Sergio Peçanha asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind: Are cows better represented in the Senate than people? Tags: cows, Senate, Sergio Peçanha, Washington Post

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