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Serena Williams beat every Grand Slam champion

Serena Wiliams’ tennis career is impressive for its success and longevity, which are easily seen here. The Athletic compiled a list of the Grand Slam champions that Williams beat between 1991 and 2019, which happens to be everyone. Sometimes the simplest presentation is best. In this example, the angle they looked at the data makes the graphic. Tags: Athletic, Grand Slam, Serena Williams, tennis

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Losses and comebacks of Serena Williams

We tend to celebrate the wins in sports and often forget about or don’t see the climb that athletes take to get to the top. Artur Galocha and Adrian Blanco, for The Washington Post, look back at Serena Williams’ winning career, focusing on who or what she had to compete against from age 15 to 40. They start with a wideout view that shows Williams’ full career. Then they zoom...

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Serena Williams’ career rankings

Serena Williams announced her retirement from professional tennis. As is required for any milestone by a great athlete, a step chart from The New York Times shows her world ranking over time. I like the focus on the higher rankings, which is fitting for the occasion, and dotted lines that indicate the smaller chunks of time Williams ranked below 20. Tags: New York Times, ranking, Serena Williams, tennis

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Serena Williams, greatest of all time

Serena Williams, who plays tonight in the U.S. Open semifinal, might be the greatest tennis player of all time. Kyle Kim for the Los Angeles Times provides a numbers rundown to make the case. Tags: Serena Williams, sports, tennis

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