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Adjusting map data with Mapshaper

Map making is a finicky challenge where oftentimes your map data — points, lines, and polygons — must align just right with your external data that exists as a CSV file or related. Mapshaper is an online tool that helps you massage your geographic data to where it needs to be. The online application has been around for a while, but I only recently used it, and it’s kind of...

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Members Only: Choropleth Maps and Shapefiles in R

Fill those empty polygons with color.Continue reading →

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Convert geographic data to 3-D models for printing

This seems like fun. The NodeJS package shp2stl by Doug McCune lets you convert a shapefile to a 3-D model, which can then send to your favorite 3-D printer (because you know we all have at least two of them lying around). Assuming you have NodeJS setup, simply point the package to your shapefile, specify which attribute to use for height, and presto changeo there's your 3-D model. Tags: 3-d,...

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Members Only: Working with Shapefiles and Map Projections in R

No need to settle for the mapping defaults in R. Apply map projections to show geographic data in a way most suitable for your work.Continue reading →

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