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Shifted Social Media Usage, Among Teens

Facebook took the biggest hit in the past three years. Snapchat and Instagram got more likes. Read More

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How China’s Economic Retaliation Hurt the South Korean Tourism Industry

I wrote this week about the one-year anniversary of China’s economic retaliation against South Korea over the THAAD missile system, a defensive weapon designed to stop North Korea’s medium-range missiles. China objects to it and has been flexing its economic muscle in protest, carrying out an aggressive campaign of economic retaliation that includes sending fewer tourists. In 2017, just over 4 million Chinese visited South Korea, down from roughly 8...

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Tracking Historical Twitter Followers: @elisewho vs. @stiles

My wife (@elisewho) and I (@stiles) had a silly social media moment yesterday when I replied to one of her tweets — despite the fact that she was sitting in an adjacent room of our Seoul apartment. USC professor Robert Hernandez (a.k.a. @webjournalist) captured it:   Among my favorite media couples are @elisewho and @stiles. — Robert is in S. Korea (@webjournalist) February 12, 2018 The exchange, which we both...

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Before/After Imagery: American Military Base in South Korea Dramatically Expands

When President Trump came to South Korea earlier this month, he spoke to troops at the U.S. Army garrison known as Camp Humphreys — 40 miles south of Seoul — rather than at Yongsan, the main military headquarters in the center of the capital city. Humphreys has gradually become the hub for American forces on the peninsula, and by next year most most of them will be stationed south of the...

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“Bernie Baby” and the Decline of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

“Bernie Baby,” a Los Angeles infant who gained attention on social media after his mother dressed him like Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has died, the Associated Press reports. The apparent cause of death was sudden infant death syndrome, according to a family member. Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis was just shy of four months old. Such stories are terrifying, especially for parents who, like me, are caring for an infant....

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